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What happens after I filling up the contact details?
After you filling up the contact details and submitting your information. Our personal manager will contact you within 24 hours of the time of submission
Then you will be guided with the free service for the package that best suits your needs
After you have chosen the package and cleared your queries we send our representative to process the application for the package you have requested for.
Our representative will visit you on the same day within an hour/when the appointment is fixed according to your convenience time. And process the application on the same day.

Note we do not charge any commission for the service given. Instead we give the service cheaper in cost than that available in the market.

You will get the Etisalat connection for your home/mobile within the time frame allotted to you by our representative, this process can take within 24 hours or 3-4 days.

Masscommuni is Premium Etisalat Channel Partner in UAE. masscommuni is being led by Professionals with experience, from some of the world’s leading organizations.The ‘mechanism’ behind our success has been our commitment throughout.

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