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Etisalat Business plan

Unfreeze the potential of your business with our new Etisalat Business plan

Free Circle Calling .Price starts from 100AED,160AED,200AED,260AED,500AED

Whether it’s for the whole team or just you, we can help you find the right plans to keep your business connected, productive and ready for opportunity. with circle calling you get the facility to make free calls among the circle of simcards opted.

Our new CUG SIM cards Plans give your business all the data and the calling freedom you desire. You’ll get a enough amount of data that satisfy your needs .Plus get a calling facility so that your employees can make local calls as well as international calls.

Etisalat Business plan 100AED

Etisalat 100 AED business Plan

We’re so confident you’ll love our 100 AED plan which offers the best price for you business needs, which not only satisfies your needs for employess but also satisfies your business.

The benefits 100AED plans:

  • Free Circle Calling
  • 500 and more minutes
  • 6Gb and more internet data
  • 130SMS
Etisalat Business plan 160AED

Etisalat 160 AED business Plan

You will enjoy a wide range of advanced services that you'd find nowhere else in the UAE. We offer wide variety off extra benefits in 160AED

The benefits 160AED plans:

  • Free Circle Calling
  • 740 and more minutes
  • 9Gb and more internet data
  • 130SMS
Etisalat Business plan 200

Etisalat 200 AED business Plan

Our Business plan is ideal if you are looking for a complete and comprehensive suite of excellent products and services designed to take care of your business needs.

The benefits 200AED plans:

  • Free Circle Calling
  • 1000 and more minutes
  • 10.5Gb and more internet data
  • 260SMS
Etisalat Business plan 260

Etisalat 260 AED business Plan

We believe the quality of our Simple business plan service ,it should be a simple as possible, and as such, we don't charge more for the services we offer. so we bring you our new 160AED plan

The benefits 260AED plans:

  • Free Circle Calling
  • 500 and more minutes
  • 6GB and more internet data
  • 260SMS
Etisalat Business plan 500

Etisalat 500 AED business Plan

Our New business 500AED plan is for the managers who needs more of international and local calling and get enough data so that they can make live video calls with there clients without worrying about the data and the minutes left

The benefits 500AED plans:

  • Free Circle Calling
  • 2500 and more minutes
  • 31.5GB and more internet data
  • 500SMS

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Masscommuni is Premium Etisalat Channel Partner in UAE. masscommuni is being led by Professionals with experience, from some of the world’s leading organizations.The ‘mechanism’ behind our success has been our commitment throughout.

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