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Etisalat post-paid data plans on door step

The Etisalat post-paid data plan is a service where we facilitate the user to make phone calls and use data on phone for one month and the amount is billed accordingly at the end of each month.

Etisalat post-paid data plan let consumers to pay bills based on usage. If you need a post paid mobile plans, you should choose a bundled service plans which are 150AED,250AED,450AED plans. The latter typically features unlimited talk/text and a data allotment that matches your monthly mobile service usage best.

When you use all your credit on your post-paid account allotted, you can continue to use your Etisalat post-paid data plan services. The fee will be added to your next month’s total bill. Below you can find more information on Etisalat post-paid data plan and billing plans.

We have best Etisalat post-paid data plans all over UAE. Check our plans below which suits your needs

Etisalat Emirati postpaid data plan 150AED

Our etisalat Postpaid data Plans are perfect match for your needs.We bring you the best offers all over uae without worrying about recharging your simcard

Exclusive Emirati plan for 150AED.

What do i get?

  • You get 500 Local Minutes
  • You get 6GB of internet data
  • 1 preferred number unlimited free call.

Etisalat Emirati postpaid data plan 250AED

Our Etisalat Post-paid data plan simcard 250 plan is ideal !!if you are looking for a complete and comprehensive suite for calling and data plans.

Exclusive Emirati plan for 250AED.

What do i get?

  • You get 1200 Local Minutes
  • You get 18GB of internet data
  • 1 preferred number unlimited free call.

Etisalat Emirati postpaid postpaid data plan 450AED

With our new 450AED plan, you can talk your  heart's content without worrying about minutes and data running out.

Exclusive Emirati plan for 450AED.

What do i get?

  • You get 2400 Local Minutes
  • You get 25GB of internet data
  • 1 preferred number unlimited free call.

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